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Homeland Season 2 Episode 11 It’s pretty clear at this point that Homeland has managed to put itself in such a position that, come the season 2 finale, it will either pull all of these threads together in a distinct and satisfying way, or it will prove the naysayers right and ‘Broken Hearts’ will stand out as the moment of no return for the series. And yet, despite all of this credulity straining and the plot issues that cause viewers to claim they’re jumping ship week after week, there’s something still inherently enticing about watching these characters react to their situations that has yet to get old, even if some of the series’ elements have begun to wear thin.

Homeland Season 2 Episode 11 There are plenty of head-shaking moments in the episode; the most readily apparent is the kidnapping of Carrie (Claire Danes) by Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban), in a move that’s been seen in so many movies and television shows before, one would think by virtue of it being in a series like Homeland would force it to be handled as a joke, but sadly that would not prove to be the case. Still, as much as we’ve seen the bad guy hold someone hostage in a dilapidated warehouse while forcing another to do his bidding via threatening phone calls – or in this case POV Skype video calls – there hasn’t been much of that going on in Homeland before now. So, for the sake of ‘Broken Hearts,’ it’s worth sitting through the ordeal just to see how the characters react with one another.